3 Simple Steps For Consistency With Your Fitness Routine

Consistency is key with any goal you are trying to accomplish. Let's discuss how you can keep the consistency going with your fitness journey.

Set small goals...

Ask yourself, "what is the best and the most achievable fitness goal for me?"

Because goals are a very personal thing, and will not always work for you, we have to adapt our goals to the nature of our lifestyle. As human beings, we are always curious and a little fearful of the unknown. So it's safe to say that our inclination in nature, is to look for a win-win scenario. So we often change to adapt the environment around us. Whether it's by changing a lifestyle for the better or by having certain behavioral modifications for a more pleasurable experience, we all are affected by the environment.

It can be as simple as waking up and holding the plank position as long as you can in the morning to build that strength in your upper body, or going for a walk to establish stronger lungs. Don't establish GYM goals, establish YOU goals. If you can't make it to the gym for chest day because it's raining outside, drop down and establish your max push up number. If it's too hot outside to go for a walk, find your local recreational center with AC and get on that treadmill. Rent is due on your body every day, even a small amount, don't miss the deposit deadline!

Here are some great examples of simple, but effective goals:

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