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discover and learn about the meaning of the name, the motto, and principles of iKenga Fit

warrior artificar represneting physical fitness and strength

Ikenga (Iken-ga) is an Alusi or spirit from the Igbo culture in the Nigerian area of Africa. The artifact pictured with a shield and weapon is the Warrior Ikenga, symbolizing individual triumph.  


Another artifact, the Community Ikenga, pictured with multiple individuals holding each other up symbolizes group success.  Each artifact has the horns of a Ram.


An Igbo proverb states that "a Ram goes into a fight head first" meaning you get to choose to charge into your struggles to find the success you are looking for.


The word Ikenga translates into "place of strength" which is the guiding principle of this business. 

are you ready to grab YOUR health by the horns with iKengaFit?

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